Why Choosing Debayn Men's Swimwear?

Chic & Tech Swimwear

You can’t really enter the summer season without a pair of your favorite swim trunks. For sure, you know you’ll be spending more time at the beach. So, If you have some days planned sitting under the hot sun, whether dipping into the water to stay cool or relaxing at your favorite beach bar, the Debayn Swimwear will look just right. They're equally suited for swimming, athletics, and even brunch at the beach club.

Here at Debayn HQ, we are telling you why Debayn Swimwear looks good and feels extremely comfortable:

Design and Colour

A savvy combination of efficiency, technology and comfort with a unique finishing. The short-length swimwear is made of stretch material in a solid colour. Tailored for a flattering fit, this adjustable pair is as stylish as beachwear gets. While the long-length swimwear is precisely tailored, they'll look just as stylish post-swim with a linen shirt and Panama hat.

Double Skin Technology

For years, we were victims of painful rashes from wearing conventional net swim trunks. The under layer is so comfortable that you can wear the shorts all day. Debayn swimwear are made of innovative fabrics and treatments that bring ultimate comfort and allow the shorts to dry quickly: 4-way stretch for optimum comfort and highly breathable.


Waterproof Pockets

The totally hermetic pouch enables you to swim with the knowledge that your electronic devices and items of value are safe. Your mobile's touch screen even works when inside the waterproof pocket!

With no detail left unchecked, Debayn sets out to design a collection that combines lightweight, water-resistance and breathability with style. Debayn believes that function can meet fashion. They always prioritise the importance of fit and function, and pay full attention to every tiny detail in the process.