Lifestyle Asia | Lock down your summer style

It mightn’t be the most obvious item to upgrade right now, but quality swimwear is a godsend during Hong Kong’s hot summer months. If wisely chosen, the right pair of trunks can take you from boozy brunches out onto the open water, and all the way back again.

Naturally, if you’re shooting for something that’s versatile and ever-flattering, you’ll want to avoid the dowdy ‘ambiguous length’ shorts which are an all too common sighting on junks everywhere. Fortunately it’s 2019, and that means it’s never been easier to find labels to suit your build, lifestyle and stylistic sensibilities. Below, we’ve cherry picked the best of the bunch, so you look even sharper during your next visit to the beach, marina or pool.

Lifestyle Asia | Debayn Men's Swimwear